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Manual Hydraulic Stacker
1000kg 2000kg Hand Pallet Stacker


The hydraulic consists of three parts:the elevating cylinder and controlling parts,the elevating arm and chain-wheel parts,the gantry and back-wheel parts.

The lift lifts the weights with a manual or pedal hydraulic device,and loads weights with manual pull and push at a low position.
The oil-reflow valve is placed in the hydraulic device.
The descending speed is controlled through the pedal,ensuring the correct action of the hydraulic system and safety.
Model Unit BTG-II 2016 BTG-II 1020 BTG-II 1025
Capacity kg 2000 1000 1000
Load center mm 400
Min. fork height mm 90
Max. fork height mm 1600 2000 2500
Overall height mm 2090 1580 1830
Overall length mm 1525 1525 1525
Fork length mm 1000 1000 1000
Overall width mm 790 790 790
Fork outside width mm 340-710 320-710 320-710
Loading wheel mm Φ80×60
Steering wheel mm Φ180×50
Turning radius mm 1400 1400 1400
Material of door frame C type steel
Material of wheel Nylon/PU
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